About the Designer

Luxxi Royale is a line created by Sarah Elizabeth Hayes.

Hi! I’m Sarah, and I am one busy Midwestern woman. As a licensed Cosmetologist I tend to find creative inspiration all around me during my everyday life. I have been involved in a touch of modeling, which has allowed me to travel all over the United States, Canada, and additional countries such as Norway, Germany, France and the British Overseas Territory.  

Luxxi Royale
I have always enjoyed experimenting with clothing and accessories;
I love to follow style trends, watch how fashion is constantly repeating itself, and now even carrying out my own exclusive separates.

 I believe that if your dog doesn’t like someone, you probably shouldn’t either 😉

I try to follow the fact that the best possible thing you can get out of a relationship is that you’re with somebody who encourages you to be the best version of yourself you can be. 
I’m indeed blessed to have just that in my life.

Fun-Fact: I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.

Want to know more? Just ask.